Accessing Campus Computing Resources (Faculty/Staff)

Murray State is providing remote access options to the campus community during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. Information Systems has enabled virtual desktops for faculty and staff that need to access campus resources while they work remotely, and for some approved staff, the ability to access the desktop computer in their office. This solution will meet the needs of the majority of staff that are working remotely, and provides access to Banner, E-Print, AppXtender, and other campus resources.

There are two ways to access these desktops. Please use the method that works best for you.

Method 1: Access via a web browser

To access a virtual desktop in a web browser, go to the Horizon login screen at Enter your network username and password. Once you are logged in, click on the “Remote Access” button and your virtual desktop will load. For those with access to the desktop in their office, click on the "Physical Desktops" button.


Method 2: Access via the Horizon Client software (recommended)

You can also access a virtual desktop using the Horizon Client software. You can find more instructions for installing and using the Horizon Client in our "VMware Horizon Client" article. Once you connect through the client, choose the “Remote Access” pool. For those with access to the desktop in their office, choose the "Physical Desktops" pool.

This method provides a better remote experience, but does require software to be installed on the computer you are using at home. If you need the Horizon Client installed on an MSU device that you will be taking home, please work with the Service Desk or your technology coordinator so that a technician can assist with the installation of the software.

Considerations when accessing virtual or physical desktops

  • Use your home computer for remote work tasks that do not require campus resources, such as email, Hangouts chat, Zoom, and general web browsing. Accessing these tools using your home computer will provide a better experience.
  • The first time you access a virtual desktop, you may see the Welcome screen for 60-90 seconds while the system creates a profile for you. Subsequent logins should take about 30 seconds.
  • If you are using a web browser and your virtual or physical desktop locks (asking you to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE), you have to use a special button to send that command to the virtual desktop. Click on the tab on the left side of the screen to open a menu. At the very top, click the leftmost button to send a CTRL + ALT + DELETE command.
    Control Alt Delete screenshot
  • For virtual desktops, please log off when you will not be using the virtual desktop for a period of time. You can log off by clicking on the Start menu, then clicking on the person icon above the power and settings icons, then clicking Sign Out.
    Log Off screenshot
  • For virtual desktops, if you close the window, put your computer to sleep, or disconnect from your virtual desktop session, you can log in again and pick up where you left off. However, if you do not reconnect within 60 minutes, you will be signed out automatically and you may lose any unsaved work.
  • For physical desktops, make sure to always leave your desktop powered on when you leave the office or end a remote session. Use the ‘sign out’ option instead of shutting down the device.


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