Murray State Usernames and Passwords - Fall 2020 Changes

In an effort to improve online security and provide a better online experience for our campus community, Murray State University is making changes to your Murray State myGate and network accounts. Beginning Monday, August 3, 2020 at 12 PM (noon), Murray State faculty, staff, and students will experience the following new features:

Password Self-Service

Previously, Murray State used “Password Help” to allow users to reset their own passwords without needing to call the Service Desk. As part of the new experience, we have moved to a new Password Self-Service system that will provide a faster, easier experience when trying to reset a forgotten password. Information on registering for and using Password Self-Service.

Easier Password Requirements

For many years, Murray State passwords have required complex rules, but complex doesn’t always mean more secure. Based on current security standards, we are moving away from a shorter, complex password to a longer password that doesn't expire. The complexity of the password is up to you! To begin using the new rules, you can set your new password inside myGate, or when using Password Self-Service.

Single Sign-On Credentials

Once you have taken advantage of the new password requirements, you will begin using your Murray State username and password to access myGate, Canvas, campus wireless networks, computer labs, library database resources, and more!

NOTE: For now, this will not include RacerMail/MSU Google Accounts - but never fear! We will be incorporating RacerMail/MSU Google Accounts in Spring 2021! View our “Accounts, Usernames, and Passwords Guide” article for additional information.

Opt-in and Mandatory Dates

These new features will be available to faculty, staff, and students beginning Monday, August 3rd at 12 PM (noon), and you can opt-in at any time. On Monday, October 19th, any faculty, staff, or student who has not updated their Murray State password to the new password requirements will be prompted to do so before being able to continue accessing Murray State online resources. 

Why the changes?

Murray State University is committed to providing a secure digital environment for our faculty, staff, and students. As security standards and recommendations change, Information Systems evaluates and adopts changes to reflect the needs, privacy, and protection of our campus community and personal and academic information.


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