Cisco VoIP Phones - Basic Features


  • Volume settings for the handset, headset and speakerphone must be adjusted separately while in use.
  • Press the Volume button, then press the Save softkey to set the volume level.
  • To adjust the ringer volume, press the Volume button and Save softkey while the handset is in the cradle. 


  • Place a call by lifting the Handset, pressing the Line button for your extension, the Speaker button, the New Call button, the Headset button or a Speed Dial button. 
  • To dial a local, off-campus number, you must dial 8 + area code + the phone number.
  • To dial a long distance, off-campus number, you must dial 1 + 8 + area code + number.
  • To dial a toll-free number, you must dial 8 + 1 + 8XX + number.
  • NOTE:  For emergency dialing, press 8,911 or 911.


  • To dial an international number, you must first dial 1 8 011 + country code + city code + local number. Press the pound key (#) after dialing the complete number.  


  • Place a call on Hold, by pressing the Hold softkey. To return to the call on hold, use the Resume softkey.
  • If multiple calls are on hold, use the Navigation button to select the desired call before pressing Resume, or press the blinking Line button of the call you want active before you press Resume.


To transfer a connected call: 

  1. Press the Transfer softkey
  2. Enter the extension number 
  3. Either press Transfer again immediately when you hear the call ringing to release the call, or wait for the transfer recipient to answer and then press Transfer again. 
  4. If the recipient is unable to accept the call, press EndCall, then Resume to return to the original call.

To transfer a call directly to voice mail: 

  1. During the call, press the Transfer softkey
  2. Press *
  3. Enter the extension to which you want to transfer 
  4. Press Transfer


  • To call forward your phone to another extension, press CFwdALL softkey and enter desired extension.
  • You will hear a short beep, and a forwarded message will show on your phone screen.
  • To remove the call forward, press the CFwdALL softkey again.


To place a conference call:

  1. Get the first conferee on the line 
  2. Press the More softkey
  3. Press Confrn (automatically puts your call on hold and gives dial tone to add next party to call)
  4. Enter next conference participant’s phone number
  5. After call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the call.
  6. Follow this procedure to add each participant.  
    NOTE: Six connections, including the initiator, are the maximum number of connections allowed in a conference call.  


  • Press the Directories button to access logs of Missed, Received and Placed calls.  Once the desired entry is located, use the softkeys for more info.
  • A maximum of 100 records are stored in each of these logs and are collected for each line on your phone.
  • You may use the Edit Dial softkey to edit the number and dial, if desired.
  • The Corporate Directory may also be selected from the directory list.  You may enter criteria for first name, last name, or number and press Search to locate qualifying entries.


  • Adjusting Angle of Phone Base: Depress the foot stand button on right side of the phone while lifting up or pushing down the phone base. 
  • Adjusting Contrast: Press the Settings button and select User Preferences and then Contrast
  • Adjusting Ringer Type: Press the Settings, select User Preferences and then Rings.  You may choose different ring types for each line on your phone.

Cisco Help Documents/Links:
You will find downloadable guides in the Files section at the right.
Cisco IP Phone 7960G Online Interactive Tutorial 

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