Big Blue Button (BBB web-conferencing)

Big Blue Button (BBB) is web-conferencing software built for online learning.  BBB enables universities to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. Instructors and students can access BBB within Canvas using the "Conferences" button on the left-side menu within their courses.


  • Record and Playback - BBB can record your lectures for later playback by students.  Recordings in our current installation are available within the course for two weeks.
  • Whiteboard - Controls let you annotate and call out key parts of your presentation for viewers.
  • Desktop Sharing - The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all students to on PC and Mac.
  • Presentation - The presenter can upload any PDF or Microsoft office document to present, zoom, pan, and keep students in sync.
  • Web Cam - Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time.



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