Canvas Pages Not Displaying Content Correctly

Some browsers may occasionally make modifications to privacy settings to protect users from possible unsecured content.  Unsecured content is identified with the prefix http:// in the URL and can create mixed content in your Canvas page. The result may be video that won't play, a blank page, missing images or font colors, or images that display too large on the page.

In some cases, upgrading your browser may immediately fix the problem. Canvas regularly updates their list of supported browsers and browser versions. PLEASE NOTE that in early 2019, Canvas stated that the Extended Releases of the Firefox browser are NOT supported. Please view their list of supported browsers and browser versions for exact details.

In addition to having an updated browser, you may also need to update your browser's privacy settings. On the Supported Browsers page, scroll down to the section for "Browser Privacy Settings" and follow the instructions there for your specific browser.



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Thu 1/19/17 4:03 PM
Tue 1/28/20 8:48 AM