YuJa Active Learning Platform (lecture capture and web conferencing)

For information about the transition from Tegrity and Collaborate to YuJa, as well as summer training workshops, please refer to the Knowledge Base article:
Tegrity and Collaborate to be Replaced by YuJa Summer 2017


YuJa should be accessed through courses on the Canvas system. By accessing YuJa tools and materials through Canvas, you will not need to use a separate YuJa user name and password.

  • Be sure to log into a Canvas course and click on a YuJa link inside the course to access YuJa tools.
  • If you are trying to access a Video Classroom through Canvas, click on the Live link.
  • If you have logged in to your Canvas course on a computer (not mobile device) and are being prompted for YuJa credentials, please contact YuJa Support.


Steps for adding YuJa to your Canvas course are provided in the attached file: 
Adding YuJa to Canvas Course.pdf

To record lecture capture videos, the YuJa Software Station must be downloaded to your personal machine. For computers that are MSU property and require admin rights to install software, please contact your college's Technology Coordinator to request the YuJa Software Station to be downloaded and installed.

Getting Started - Setting up Personal Capture for PC:

This 2-minute video from YuJa demonstrates how to

  • Download the YuJa Software Station
  • Set up a Capture Profile
  • Record a Personal Capture

Please click on the link below to open the video in a new window.


Support and Training:

For YuJa support and training needs:

Additional materials from YuJa Support will be provided soon.

Browser Compatibility:

If you experience difficulty playing a video in your web browser, it may be that Flash is not enabled. On the Support page that appears, select the browser that you are using, and follow the steps to enable Flash in your browser. You may also wish to try an alternate browser. Steps to enable Flash in Chrome are available on Google's Support page: Adobe Flash isn't working.  

If you are trying to join a live video classroom, but only see a blank screen, please completely close your web browser. Re-open your browser, and log into Canvas to access the video classroom again.

Mac Installation and Compatibility:

Admin credentials will be required to complete the installation for both the Software Station and the Screen Share yuja.exe applet.
For the Software Station installation, Tech Coordinators will need to provide admin credentials twice - when YuJa Software Station is installed, and when YuJa is opened the first time (preferably through an instructor's course on Canvas). This is so a background service can be installed also. After installation, run the YuJa Software Station program to complete installation. 

For instructors wishing to use the Screen Share feature available through the Video Classroom, the Video Classroom must be opened, and a separate applet called yuja.exe will need to be downloaded and installed with admin credentials.

If you receive a message stating: "YuJa Server" can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed

  1. Find the application in the Finder
  2. Hold down the "control" key and click on the app icon
  3. Choose "Open" from the contextual menu that appears
  4. When prompted with the message "AppName is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?" choose "Open"
  5. The application will now have a permanent exception on that computer and can be opened normally. Admin credentials will be required to complete the installation.

Mobile Compatibility:

The Video Classroom cannot be accessed on a mobile device.


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