TurnItIn - 2018 Upgrade

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On July 2, 2018, Murray State University will be upgrading TurnItIn, our plagiarism checker used within Canvas.

What's New

The new version of Turnitin adds functionality and fixes important security issues. This upgrade will simplify the way that faculty create Turnitin assignments in Canvas.  In addition, it adds the increased functionality of the Feedback Studio, via an external tool, for anyone interested in these functions.  More information about the new features will be available soon.

Existing TurnItIn assignments

Any assignment that already uses Turnitin will have to be edited after the upgrade takes place.  This is a simple editing task involving a few mouse clicks. Instructions for updating existing assignments and creating new assignments using TurnItIn can be found in the Setting up a Canvas Assignment to use the TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework article.


Academic Application Solutions will support this transition in a number of ways.  Prior to the upgrade we will post a link to a video that shows how to edit assignments for Turnitin. Additionally, we will schedule a webinar hosted by Turnitin for any faculty who can attend.  This webinar will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend and a link will be posted for the recording. 

We know that any upgrade is a disruption for users.  We will do whatever we can to minimize this disruption. Links to support videos, documents and webinars will be made available soon.

Setting up a Canvas Assignment to use the TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework


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