New Canvas Gradebook - Release January 2019

Canvas has a new beta Gradebook that will go live in January 2019. The new Gradebook is now available for insructors who wish to preview the new features. The Gradebook will be turned on for all Canvas courses in January 2019. Overall, functionality has changed very little, but processes and interfaces are more streamlined.

Enabling New Gradebook

We have enabled the New Gradebook for teachers to test at their leisure. It is still in Beta and we have not tested it in active class environments so this is best done in shell courses.

Under your course, go to “Settings”. Once under settings, click “Feature Options” at the top of the Settings list.

Under “Feature Options”, you will see a list. Flip the switch next to “New Gradebook *beta”, and you’re all set! Flipping this switch to off reverts back to the old gradebook without affecting grade data.


Instructure has provided help articles with more information

New Gradebook Features

Instructor/Admin Guide


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