SpectrumU TV - Campus Video Streaming Service

SpectrumU TV is a video streaming service that delivers live TV with news, sports and entertainment in addition to on-demand television shows and movies to iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops and Roku devices over the ResNet network (in the residential halls), MSU wired network, and MSU wireless networks (MSUstudent, MSUemployee, MSUGuest). This service is free to MSU students and employees.

SpectrumU Mobile Apps

To watch SpectrumU on your mobile device, you will need to be logged onto one of the wireless networks on campus.

Download SpectrumU for iOS
Download SpectrumU for Android

SpectrumU via Roku Device

For Roku devices,, search for "Spectrum TV" in the Channel Store.

SpectrumU via Browser

On your web browser, go to https://watch.spectrum.net/livetv or SpectrumTV.com to stream TV content. You may be prompted to download or enable Flash.
NOTE: SpectrumU will only be available in campus buildings.

Supported Devices

The following devices and OS version numbers are currently supported:

  • Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.2 or above
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8 or above
  • Kindle Fire Phone and all Kindle Fire models except for the 1st generation model
  • Mac: Safari 7 or higher, Firefox 45 or higher or Chrome 43 or higher
  • PC: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 43 or higher, Firefox 45 or higher or Microsoft Edge 12 or higher
  • Roku: All second generation players and TVs




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