Setup a Mobile/Cell Phone for Duo 2FA

NOTICE: Beginning Monday, November 14, 2022, all users of Duo will no longer have access to the “Call Me” option when authenticating. All other options are still supported.


Users can set up Duo 2FA on your mobile device or cell phone when accessing their Murray State account. The DUO mobile app works on iOS and Android devices running the newer versions of those operating systems. A list of supported operating systems, devices, and options are in our "Device Options for Duo 2FA" article. Users can set up multiple phones and methods as needed.

If you are already enrolled in Duo 2FA...

Go to myGate and enter your username and password. Do NOT authenticate. If you have previously set your browser to remember you for 30 days, you will need to either switch to a new browser or use a private browsing (incognito) session. To open a private browsing session, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows/Chrome), Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows/Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer) or Command+Shift+N (Mac).

If you have your primary device set to automatically text you or send a push, hit the Cancel button in the lower right area of the login screen.

Click on Add a new device on the left hand side.

You will then be prompted to authenticate. Accept the push or text and proceed.

You should now be at the "What type of device are you adding?" screen. Choose Mobile phone and follow the instructions on the screen. (See below for screenshots).

When complete, you will be presented with a list of your enrolled devices. You can change add another device, change your default device, or change the authentication type for your devices. 

If you haven't enrolled in Duo 2FA yet...

Login to myGate with your credentials. and click the green Start Setup button.

You should now be at the "Protect Your Murray State University Account" screen. Click Start setup.

"Protect Your Murray State Account" screenshot


Choose the Mobile phone option and click Continue.

NOTE: Make sure that, on initial enrollment, you set up the device you have access to at that moment. 


Enter in your phone number, check the confirmation box to verify your phone number, and click Continue.


Choose your type of phone and click Continue.

  • iPhone - choose this if your device is an iPhone running iOS 11 or higher.
  • Android - choose this if you have an Android device running Android 7.0 or higher.
  • Windows Phone - choose this if you have a Windows phone running 8.1 or higher.
  • Other (and cell phones) - choose this if your phone's operating system does not support the DUO mobile app, or you do not wish to use the app. You will still be able to authenticate with a phopasscode via text message.


If you chose iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, you will now be prompted to download and install the free Duo Mobile app for your device. After installing the app on your phone, click “I have Duo Mobile installed.”



Windows Phone


The next screen will present you with a scannable barcode and instructions for activating Duo Mobile for your device. After successfully scanning the barcode with the Duo Mobile app, your “Murray State University” account will appear in the Duo Mobile app, and you will be presented with a green check mark on the myGate Duo Activation screen in your browser. Click Continue.

Android version shown



At this point, you can either click “Back to Login” to return to the myGate login screen, or you can set up a second device or modify your device options.

Now that you're done...

To make Duo Two-Factor Authentication as easy and convenient as possible, we recommend our users:

Duo 2FA Assistance

For support, please call the MSU Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or email us at Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, Central.

In the event you are unable to contact the Service Desk for assistance, we recommend users set up backup passcodes or a second device just in case.


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