Early Master's Admission

Early Master’s Admission for MSU Seniors

Seniors at Murray State University who are within nine hours of completing the baccalaureate degree, who have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0, and are meeting all undergraduate GPA requirements, may be admitted to graduate study provided they meet departmental and general admission requirements. Seniors admitted on this basis are considered graduate students, and will be charged graduate tuition for all courses scheduled. See the Course Load section for graduate students in the Registration and Academic Records chapter in this BulletinNote: This type of admission may cause problems with financial aid.

Students who fail to complete all undergraduate requirements during their first semester as graduate students (unless they are in an approved accelerated graduate program) will be denied graduate credit. All courses taken during that term will be permanently recorded as undergraduate level, with no refund of graduate tuition. Early admission graduate students may apply for graduate assistantships.

Seniors enrolled at institutions other than MSU who meet the requirements outlined above may petition Graduate Admissions for early admission. However, an official transcript with a bachelor’s degree posted will be required prior to registration.


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