Migrating YuJa Videos into Canvas Studio


Part 1: Downloading YuJa Videos as mp4s for local storage

1) Open any course in Canvas
2) Click on the left course link for YuJa
3) Click on the “Manage Media” at the top of the YuJa window
4) Open your Default Collection folder (or a custom folder if you’ve created one)
5) Find the video you wish to download and select “more” on the menu for that video
6) Select “Downloads” from the left menu (see below)


7) In this menu (see above) select “Enable” and “Video Podcast” and click on the blue “Save Downloads” button (to save this setting) then click on the blue “Request Media” button.


8) Select “single file”—this will merge the two separate streams (your webcam capture and your computer window capture, assuming that your video has two sources). If you only have one source, select that as the primary.

9) You need to determine which stream will be the largest window in your downloaded video (the primary stream)—this will be placed on the left with the smaller video window (secondary stream) on the right. In my case above I would make the left stream—the screen capture, my primary and my talking head video secondary (happens by default when you select a primary).

10) Select which of the streams is primary and click on the “Request Media” button.  This sends a request to a cloud-based app at YuJa that will process the video.

You will receive the following screen:

You will receive an email from YuJa with a link to your file. The downloaded mp4 video will be roughly 3mb per minute of video. Note that there is a time limit on downloading this video file.

Sample email message from YuJa:


11) Clicking on the link will download the mp4 file.  The file will have a cryptic numerical tag such as 980078653423…..mp4 (see below)

You will want to rename the file to make it much easier to find a specific video.

12) On the Download File button (above) click on the right menu arrow, and select “Show in Folder”. This will open your Downloads folder and highlight the file you’ve downloaded.

13) Right-click on this highlighted file and rename it to a descriptive file name that can identify the file: “intro to Jquery.mp4”, etc.

14) This file can be stored in your Downloads folder or moved somewhere else for digital archiving, or uploaded into a Canvas Course.


Uploading your mp4 video to Canvas Studio

  1) In Canvas, select “Studio” from the Global menu.

  2) Select the ADD button from the Studio controls in the upper right

From this menu:

3) Either drag your video file onto the left cloud graphic, OR click on Browse Files and find your file where you have it stored. This will upload your video into your Studio folder in Canvas.

Adding Videos to an assignment, quiz, discussion or page in Canvas:

 Once the videos are in Studio they can be added to a page or assignment, etc. in any of your courses in Canvas.

Select edit for any container you wish to add your video to in your course (page, assignment, quiz, etc.), and select the V (more external tools) link in the rich content editor, then select the Canvas Studio link, and double-click your video and save.




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