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If the Duo Mobile app has been uninstalled from your mobile device, or you have a new phone but still have the same phone number, use these instructions to reactivate the Duo Mobile app for your device.
A list of supported devices and operating systems for use with Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
Set your browser to remember you for 30 days to make Duo Two-Factor Authentication easier.
Backup passcodes will allow you to get back into your Murray State account even when you don't have access to your device.
Instructions for setting up a tablet for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Instructions for setting up a landline phone for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
A step-by-step guide for setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
Get more information on Two-Factor Authentication powered by Duo Security.
Instructions for setting up a mobile device or cell phone for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Article contains links to Monthly payroll calendars.
Non-Exempt Staff Advertising Sources
Exempt Staff Advertising Sources
Faculty Advertising Sources
Acknowledgement of Sexual Harassment Awareness
Faculty Hiring Process Quick Guide
Commonly-asked questions about the student printing system.
Connect to the ResNetWireless network using your Murray State username and password.