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If you may have been the victim of an email phishing scam, there are steps you can take to recover your RacerMail account and protect yourself.
This article contains procedures for travel, as well as, request and voucher forms
Annual Employee Contracts/Letters
Faculty Hiring Process Quick Guide
This article provides information on how to share access to a departmental email account using Google's Delegated Access (Authority).
This article provides an overview of MSU accounts, usernames, and passwords. This includes password assistance, password requirements, account durations, and more.
In an effort to improve online security and provide a better online experience for our campus community, MSU is making changes to myGate, Canvas, network, and MSU Google (RacerMail) accounts. This article lists those changes as well as important dates and information.
Password Self-Service is the password recovery system that will allow a faculty, staff, or student to reset their myGate, Canvas, Network/Wireless, or library resources password without having to call the Service Desk.
Get more information on Two-Factor Authentication powered by Duo Security.
A step-by-step guide for setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
Instructions for setting up a mobile device or cell phone for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Instructions for setting up a landline phone for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Instructions for setting up a tablet for Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Backup passcodes will allow you to get back into your Murray State account even when you don't have access to your device.
Set your browser to remember you for 30 days to make Duo Two-Factor Authentication easier.