Off-campus Access/VPN Access Request

Murray State University recognized the need for Faculty, Staff, and Students (in select courses) to access university resources while physically away from MSU and at insecure locations. Faculty, Staff, and University-sponsored vendors can request VPN access through the service request at the right.

Information Systems will make every reasonable effort to ensure a smooth setup and stable environment for the remote connection, but will only be responsible for troubleshooting the VPN connection and on-campus computer. Problems with a user’s home computer or broadband connection are the responsibility of the user to diagnose or have diagnosed by a trained professional.

For more information please visit the Off-campus Access/VPN Information & Instructions article

Any questions may be directed to the MSU Service Desk at 270-809-2346.

Available To:

MSU Faculty and Staff, and University-sponsored vendors

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Service ID: 16374
Tue 11/29/16 8:47 PM
Thu 1/18/18 1:35 PM