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Accounts & Passwords

Information about usernames, passwords, and access

Articles (19)

Google's 2-Step Verification

Learn more about Google's security feature for logging in: 2-Step Verification (sometimes called 2-Factor Authentication)

myGate Authorized Users

Learn how to create an authorized users and reset their passwords

myGate Consent to Release

Learn how to add an authorized user and/or setup a security question for your myGate account

myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ

This article contains information on why users are being prompted to change their myGate password.

myGate Upgrade FAQ

FAQ about the Sunday, February 19, 2017 myGate upgrade.

Password Help / Self-Help Password Recovery System

Password Help is the password recovery system that will allow a user to reset their myGate or Network (MSUNET2K) password without having to call the Service Desk.