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Google+ (Plus)

Google+ is a social networking system similar to Facebook that is part of our Google Apps for Education suite of services.  Google+ is available for all users at Murray State.  Users can log in with their RacerMail username and password to begin using Google+.  

How to access Google+:
The link to your Google+ Profile can be accessed by clicking on your profile icon at the top of your RacerMail screen, and then clicking the "Google+ Profile" link.

What does Google+ offer?
This link gives a quick overview of what is available within Google+

What happens to my Google+ account when I graduate or leave MSU?
As with any of the Google Apps services (drive, calendar, spreadsheets, forms, youtube, etc.) when your RacerMail email account is deleted, the content tied to it is also removed unless you take steps to archive or transfer this content to a personal Gmail account.  Google Takeout is a tool from Google that allows you to transfer many services from one account to another.  There may be some pieces of your Google+ account that will not transfer.  Please consider this as you create and add content to your profile.

What if I don't want a Google+ account?
Google+ account profiles and related features can be deleted.   

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture/icon in the top-right of the RacerMail window.
  2. Click on Account 
  3. Under Account Management, click on the link "Delete profile and remove related Google+ features."
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

More information about Google+ (G+) can be found at the Google+ Help Center


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