Create or Change Your Canvas Password

Before you can log in to Canvas, you must first create a password through myGate.

To set your Canvas Password:

  1. Log in to myGate. (For help, see myGate Account Information.)
  2. We recommend you use the Consolidated Credentials option to set a single password for multiple systems. Click on the Change Password button found in the "AccountServices” channel at the left.
  3. Create a new password following the Password rules. 
  4. Click on the Change System Password button.

If you prefer to set a separate password for your myGate/Canvas account, you may click on the Change Password link below myGate / Canvas. Create a new password, then click on the Change myGate/Canvas Password button.

NOTE: Guest Canvas users (users who have a username starting with g_ or s_) who do NOT have a myGate account will need to log in to Canvas at the URL:

For further assistance, call the Service Desk at 270-809-2346


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