myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ

Why am I seeing a message telling me to change my myGate password? 

Screenshot of myGate prompting users to change their myGate Password

myGate passwords expire every 120 days. As your myGate password expiration nears, you will receive a message when you log in to myGate reminding you to change your password. If you do not change it in the required timeframe, your myGate account will be locked. A few days before the 120-day period, users will be prompted to change their password before their account is locked.

NOTE: By default, the "Consolidate my myGate/Canvas, network, and RacerMail passwords" box is checked. This also includes your Canvas password. If you wish to change these passwords individually, you can uncheck this box, and then change them using the links inside myGate once you have reset your myGate password.


Why won't it accept my new password? 

Screenshot of error messages a user might receive.

You will be unable to click the "Submit" button if your password contains errors. There are two error messages a user might receive:

  • Password rules not met. Verify that you are following the rules listed above when creating your new password. Pay particular attention to the list of special characters allowed, versus the list of restricted (not allowed) characters.
  • Passwords do not match. Clear the password fields and retype your new password twice carefully.


I have a message saying my myGate password has expired and I'm locked out. Now what?

Your account will be locked if you do not reset your password in time, or if the wrong password is entered too many times. You can unlock your account and reset your password by doing one of the following:


Now I have a message saying that not all of my passwords were successfully changed. What happened?

Screenshot of an error saying not all passwords had been changed.

In some cases, you might be taken to a page saying that your myGate password was changed, but your Network and/or RacerMail passwords were not. Continue to myGate, and on the left side, in the Account Services box, use the "Change Password" link to reset the password that didn't update successfully. If you still receive an error message, call the MSU Service Desk at 270-809-2346 during regular business hours. 


Additional Information

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