myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the login page for myGate, Canvas, and several other systems will be updated to a new design. Along with this change comes new notifications about myGate/Canvas password expirations. More information about this change is in our myGate (CAS) Update FAQ - Fall 2018 article.


Why am I seeing a message telling me to change my myGate password? 

Authentication Succeeded with Warnings

myGate passwords expire every 120 days. As your myGate password expiration nears, you will see the “Authentication Succeeded with Warnings” message. You have two options:

  • “Continue” - Continue logging in without changing the password
  • “Change Your Password” - Change password immediately, and then proceed with logging in.

You will continue to see this message until you have either changed your password or your password has expired.


Why am I seeing a message telling me my password has expired?

Your myGate password has expired.

You will be presented with the “Your password has expired” screen if your myGate/Canvas password has already expired. You will continue to see this screen until you change your password.


Why won't it accept my new password?

You will be unable to click the "SUBMIT" button if your password contains errors. There are two error messages a user might recieve:

  • Password rules not met. Verify that you are following the rules listed above when creating your new password. Pay particular attention to the list of special characters allowed, versus the list of restricted (not allowed) characters.
  • Passwords do not match. Clear the password fields and retype your new password twice carefully.


Can I consolidate my credentials?

Yes! Once you have successfully logged back into myGate, you can set your myGate, Canvas, Network, and RacerMail password to be the same.  Just look for the “Account Services” box, and click on the “Change Password” button to set your passwords to be identical.

We have provided additional information and tips in the Consolidated Credentials & Password Rules article. 

For additional assistance, please contact the MSU Service Desk at or by phone at 270-809-2346 during regular business hours. 


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