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myGate Upgrade FAQ

On Sunday, February 19, 2017, myGate will be upgraded to a new version.


Where did my tabs go?

The navigation tabs (Home, Employee, Academics, etc.) have moved from the top of the screen to the far left. This new left-side menu is now collapsible using the blue stacked bar icon.



What happened to my navigation menu? All I see are icons!

The new navigation menu can be collapsed by the user using the blue stacked bar icon. To reopen the menu on the left, click the blue stacked bar icon again. 

NOTE: On mobile devices, the menu may be auto-collapsed to save screen space. Just tap the same blue stacked bar icon to open the menu (you will only see the icons representing each of the pages for Employee, Academics, Financial Aid, etc.



Why did this change happen?

The new look is mobile-friendly, providing a better experience on tablets and phones for our users.


Has any of my content changed?

No. All content is in the same location on the same pages as the previous version. No new content has been added, and no content has been removed.


Do I need to update any settings? Is there anything I need to do differently?

No. You can continue using myGate to report time, change passwords, add/drop classes, vote in elections, register your parking permit, and get the same information as before.



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