myGate (CAS) Update FAQ - Fall 2018

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the login screen for many MSU systems, including myGate and Canvas, will be updated to a new version and new look.

New login page for CAS


Why did this change happen?

The new look is more mobile-friendly, providing a better experience on tablets and phones for our users. The update also makes way for additional security features to better protect our users.

Mobile log-in screen:


Did myGate, Canvas, or any other system change? What about my password?

The only change you will see is the design of the login page and any notifications you may receive about your password expiration. We have provided additional information, including screenshots, of what you will see if your password has expired in our myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ article. 


Do I need to update any settings? Is there anything I need to do differently?

No. You can continue using myGate, Canvas, and the other systems as normal.  


Is there anything else I need to know?

Because of the new design and new behind-the-scenes enhancements, we have also updated any messages you might see about your myGate/Canvas password expiring. More information, including screenshots, is in our myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ article.


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