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How to upload a Tegrity recording to YouTube and post the link in Canvas

If you have saved Tegrity recordings to your computer, and you would like to upload them to YouTube, you can then make the YouTube videos available in your Canvas courses following the steps below.

How to upload a downloaded recording on a PC:

How to upload a downloaded recording on a Mac:

How to upload your Tegrity recording to YouTube:

How to copy your video's link from YouTube (using Chrome):
1. Sign in to YouTube with the account used for uploading your Tegrity recording.
2. Click on "My channel" at the left.
3. Click on "Uploads" in the main window.
4. Right-click on your video.
5. Select "Copy link address"

How to paste your video's link in Canvas:
1. In your Canvas course, create an assignment, announcement, discussion, etc. (whichever approach you wish for your students to view your videos.)
2. In the WYSIWYG editor, right-click and paste your youtube link.
3. Hit Enter for the link to become an embedded YouTube video. 
4. if you have created an Assignment, but do not want students to upload any document or have a grade associated, you can select "Not Graded" in the "Display Grade as" drop-down menu.
5. When you hit Save at the bottom, you will see Canvas publish a thumbnail of your video along with its link on youtube.
6. Publish the assignment to make it visible to the class.

Student can play the video inside Canvas, or they can click on the link to open YouTube in a new window.


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