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Accessing and Publishing Tegrity Recordings that were Migrated to YuJa

Tegrity was phased out July 2017 and replaced by YuJa Active Learning Platform. As part of the transition, YuJa migrated Tegrity recordings into each instructor's YuJa Media Library.

To find your recordings:
  1. Log in to a course on Canvas.
  2. Click on YuJa, presented as a left-side menu option by default.
  3. Click on YuJa's main menu icon (it is the multi-colored tile icon in top-right corner).
  4. Select "Media Library" 
  5. You will see a folder for each of your courses that had Tegrity recordings migrated. 
To make the recordings available to your class(es) this semester, you have two options:
  • Post a link to the folder of the migrated Tegrity recordings. This will give students access to all of the recordings made during the previous semester.
  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.
  2. Hover over the class folder whose recordings you wish to make available.
  3. Click on the cog / wheel that appears in the top-right corner of the class folder.
  4. Click on the "Details" option that appears.
  5. Click on "Links" across the top.
  6. Copy the "Direct Link"
  7. In the course module where you would like to make the link available to students, click on the + button to add an item.
  8. Add "External URL"  
  9. Paste the URL copied in step 6.
  10. Provide a name, such as "Lecture Recordings"
  11. Click on Add Item
  12. Publish the new item in your module.
  13. This item now serves as a link to the folder of the migrated course recordings and makes all of the recordings available.
  • Publish each video to this semester's course channel.
  1. Follow the initial steps 1-5.
  2. Double-click on the class folder that contains the recordings that you wish to publish.
  3. Hover over a video that you wish to publish.
  4. Click on the cog / wheel icon that appears in the top-right corner.
  5. Click on the "Publish" option that appears.
  6. Select the Course Channel that you wish to publish to (this semester's course, for example).
  7. Click on the "Additional Options" link if you wish to set date parameters for availability or notify your students of the video by email.
  8. Click on the green "Select" button.
  9. The students will have access to the published video(s) by clicking on YuJa and selecting the course from the drop-down list.
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