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Survey Development / SurveyMonkey

TSCS provides online survey development and support for MSU faculty and staff using an annual license of SurveyMonkey. All survey creation and deployment using the TSCS license of SurveyMonkey is managed by TSCS.

In order to use TSCS's resources, we require that you provide the following information:

  • Proof of IRB conditional approval, or statement of exemption. If IRB approval is required, please attach a pdf of the conditional approval letter provided by IRB. (For IRB purposes, no personally identifying information will be asked or captured through the survey, including IP addresses.)
  • At least 4-6 weeks' notice before survey goes 'live'
  • FINALIZED survey questions, submitted to TSCS in electronic format (.doc) attached to this request.
  • Timeframe (or other criteria) for survey to be active. The survey will stop collecting entries when the criteria has been met. Example: a cut-off date or maximum number of responses.
  • Messages that you would like the participants to see when they submit the survey, when the survey is closed (no longer accepting entries), or when the visitor does not meet criteria to participate in the survey.
  • Password for viewing the results online.

You (the researcher) are responsible for final testing. When you have completed your testing, contact TSCS to remove any test entries before going 'live'.

TSCS will provide a password-protected link for you to view the results online. TSCS can provide results in the form of Excel spreadsheets, PDF reports, and PPT presentations; however, TSCS does not offer data tabulation or analysis support.

Available To:

MSU Faculty and Staff. Due to limited resources, we cannot support/deploy student research or class projects.