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Services A-Z (98)

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Activate a Wired Port on ResNet

If you live in one of the residence halls and would like to use the wired Internet port in your room, please use this service request to provide your information.

Activate or Reset a Network Account

Your network account is used for logging on to campus computers. If you know your myGate credentials, you may activate or reset your network account through myGate. For further assistance, please use this service request or call 270-809-2346 to contact the Service Desk.

Add a TA, GA, or Instructor to a Course in Canvas

Secondary instructors or teaching assistants (TA or GA) can be added to Canvas courses.

Add a User Account to the PCI Domain

Have an account added to be able to log in to the PCI domain.

Add File to PCI Fileshare

Have a file added to the fileshare inside of the PCI Card Holder Data Environment.

Add or Remove a Printer from the Network

To add or remove a networked printer, or to enable or disable features of an existing networked printer, please use the service request form to submit information about the printer.

Akindi Support

Akindi is a Scantron alternative used for multiple choice examinations.

Akindi Training

Akindi is a Scantron alternative used for multiple choice examinations. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training sessions to see how Akindi can be used.

Alerts and Monitoring

Set up automated monitoring and alerting on a server.


Banner SSB Role

Update SSB Role for EPAF Administrator, Effort Certification Administrator, Labor Redistribution Initiator, and Master Salary Planner.

BDM - New Document Type Request

New document type requested for application/folder in BDM/ApplicationXtender.

BDM/ApplicationXtender - Request to Correct Locked Out Status

Request to have your BDM/ApplicationXtender account reset (unlocked).

BigBlueButton Support

BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system that is integrated with Canvas.

BigBlueButton Training

BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system for online learning. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training sessions to see how BigBlueButton can be used.

BSIS Production Support

Generic ERP-related Production Support


CampusPrint Support

Use this service to report an issue with the CampusPrint student printing system.

Canvas General Support

If you experience an issue with Canvas, please request support through the ticketing system inside Canvas. For general support, please refer to the Canvas guides available here.

Canvas Training

Canvas is the Learning Management System used at MSU. Instructors may register for scheduled workshops and seminars or request customized one-on-one or group training sessions.

Cognos - Promote a Report from TEST to PROD

Request to have a Cognos report promoted from TEST to the PRODUCTION environment.

Communication Jacks and Cabling

MSU Faculty and Staff may request the repair, activation, or installation of a network port, cable TV jack, or other communications cable.

Computer System Purchasing

When a new computer needs to be purchased for an employee, please use this service request to submit a description of what is needed. Based on the budget and needs, a Service Desk representative will provide a quote for the new hardware.

Connect a Device to the Network

If you are having trouble accessing the network on your device, or if you need to connect a specialty device to the network, please use this service request.

Connect to a Networked Printer

Request that a university device be connected to a networked printer.

Create or Update a Mailing List (Listserv)

Mailing lists (listservs) are used to send email messages to a group of subscribed members. To have a mailing list created or updated, please use this service request.

Cross-list (Combine) Courses on Canvas

If you are teaching multiple sections of a course or multiple courses that you would like to have combined into one course shell on Canvas, please use this service request.

Current Employee Network Resource Add/Change Request

If a current employee or student worker has changed departments, replaced another employee, or been given additional duties, please use this service to have the employee's network access changed.


Data Request/Modification

If you are needing reports or information extracts from an Academic, Student, or Business area, please provide details about your request.

Database Clones, Recovery or Migrations

Restore or recover an existing database from backup. Clone, refresh or replace an existing database with a copy from another instance (example: production over test). Migrate an existing database to another server. Support is provided for Microsoft SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) or Oracle Enterprise.

Database Installations

Request a new database installation, which may also include database software installation and configuration. Support is provided for Microsoft SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) or Oracle Enterprise.

Departmental RacerMail (Email) Account Request

MSU RacerMail (email) accounts for departments and organizations can be manually created upon request. Faculty and Staff may request a new account to be created or a password for an existing account to be reset.

Developer Scripts

Request for script runs against a Banner database (packages, functions, procedures, new tables, etc.).

Directory Assistance / Information

Find campus phone numbers and other contact information.

DNS Entry

Provide DNS and/or Hostname information when you need to add, change, or remove a DNS entry.


Effective Date Changes for Finance Funds/ORGNS

Modify Effective Date for Banner Finance Fund and ORGN Codes

Email and Google Apps Support

MSU supports Google Apps for Education, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, and associated Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Calendar.

Email and Google Apps Training

Training on Google Apps – such as Gmail, Documents, and Calendar – is provided to support university communication and collaboration.

Emergency Notifications - Mobile Alerts

Sign up to receive Murray State University emergency communications as text messages sent to your SMS-capable cell phones.

Enable Single Sign-on for an External System

Request single sign-on (SSO) integration for an external system.

Encrypted File Share

Local file shares and network drives containing sensitive data should always be encrypted. Use this service to schedule file share encryption.


Fax Line

Request a Fax Line for your department or group.

Firewall Management

Request a change to firewall security policy—either restricting access or allowing additional access through University firewalls.


General Computer Support

To request technology support, please contact the Service Desk for suggestions or solutions.


Imagine Access Request

Faculty and staff may request access to Microsoft Imagine.

Information Security Awareness Training

Information Security Awareness Training is available through Canvas. The "Securing the Human" training videos inform employees about the dangers in today's online world and how to avoid falling victim to hackers.


Malware Incident

If you think you have malware on your machine, please first notify the Service Desk.

MeetMe Conference Number

Request a MeetMe conference phone number for your department/group.

myGate Password Reset

If you are not able to log into myGate, please try using the Password Help system. Instructions for enrolling in Password Help are provided.


Network Share File Restore

Restore a file on a network share to a previous version, or recover a file that has been deleted from a network share.

New Employee Network Resource Request

Request network accounts for new university employees, student workers, or Graduate Assistants. Please list the network drive(s) or additional access that is needed.


Off-campus Access/VPN Access Request

Murray State University recognized the need for Faculty, Staff, and Students (in select courses) to access university resources while physically away from MSU and at insecure locations. Faculty, Staff, and University-sponsored vendors can request VPN access.


Potential Information Security Breach

If you have reason to believe an information security breach has occurred, please use this service to notify MSU’s Information Security team to investigate.

Process Monitoring/Assistance

Request that a running process be monitored for performance characteristics.

Product/Service Security Review

Request MSU’s Information Security Team to conduct a review of a product/service under consideration for purchase.


RacerNet Website Support

RacerNet updates can be requested through this service. These updates include correcting broken or outdated links.

racerVision Support

racerVision is Murray State University's digital signage solution. Use this service to report errors, submit questions, request quotes, or to receive additional information about racerVision.

racerVision Training

racerVision is Murray State University's digital signage solution. Use this service to request training.

Report a Cable Television Problem

If you are experiencing a problem with your cable television, please first try the suggestions provided on this service page. If the problem continues, please use this service request to provide more information.

Report a Hardware Problem

Report a hardware problem with a campus computer or other university technology.

Report a Network Issue on ResNet

Use this service to report any network connectivity issues you have, such as slow Internet speeds or not being able to connect to the wireless network in the Residential Colleges.

Report a Printer Problem

Report problems with a campus printer, copier, or MFP.

Report a Software Problem

Report a problem with software on campus computers or other university technology.

Report Phishing Email

If you have received an email that looks like a phishing attack, please report it and change your email password.

Report Request/Modification

Request a new report or a modification to an existing report created using the ERP report writing software (Cognos/Argos).

Request a Custom Training

Can't find the training request you are looking for? Use this service to request training.

Request a Development, Training, or User Group Course in Canvas

Canvas course shells may be used for course development, training, user group communications, and committee work.

Request Guest Wireless Account

Guest wireless accounts may be requested for Murray State University guests who will need a network account for multiple days and/or the traditional guest account generation does not meet their needs.

Request Modification to Existing UC4/AppWorx Automated Job or Process

Request a modification to an existing UC4/AppWorx job or process, e.g., term code changes, schedule/calendar changes, data/report delivery method changes.

ResNet Device Registration / Bradford

If students are unable to register their devices on the network, they can request assistance with registering those devices.

Respondus Training

Respondus, Lockdown Browser, and Monitor are tools designed to help instructors create and manage online exams. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training to see how Respondus tools can be used inside Canvas.

Respondus, Lockdown Browser, or Monitor Support

Respondus tools (Respondus, LockDown Browser, and Monitor) can be used to create and complete exams online. This service page provides resources to help instructors and students use the tools successfully and request technical support.

Restore a Locked/Suspended RacerMail (Email) Account

MSU RacerMail (Email) accounts may be temporarily blocked / suspended when they are suspected to be compromised. The account can be restored by request.


Server Backup/Restore

Backup or restore a server or file(s).

Server Decommission

Permanently shut down a server and remove it from service.

Server Hosting

Request a new virtual server. This typically refers to a server intended to provide some form of service available on the network, as opposed to a desktop replacement.

Server Replication

Provide replication of server for Disaster Recovery. The “Recovery Point Objective” should be used to tell us how often we should replicate the server, and equates to how much lost time can be tolerated.

Server Snapshot

Schedule a snapshot of a virtual server.

Server Software Upgrades and Patching

Request to install server software upgrades or patches.

Server Storage Addition

Add more space to a server’s hard drive

SFTP Access for Class

Used to request SFTP access for a class.

SFTP Account for Faculty/Staff on RacerNet

Secure FTP (SFTP) accounts are used to post and update web content on RacerNet. They may be requested by faculty and staff.

SFTP Account for Student Organizations on RacerNet

Secure FTP accounts for student organization sites on RacerNet may be requested by student organization advisors.

Shared Drive Permissions Change Request

Request for changing the security group permissions for a share. This service is used to audit, add departments or groups to access the share, or increase security policies on the share. If you need to grant a new user access, please use the Network Resource Request instead. If you need to add storage to an existing share please use the Shared Drive Request.

Shared Drive Request or Expansion

Requesting a new Network share or adding storage to an existing network share. Request is subject to a charge per GB for the storage necessary. If you need to grant a new user access, please use the Network Resource Request instead. If you need to audit, add departments or groups to access the share, or increase security policies on the share, please use the Shared Drive Permissions Change Request.

Software Installation, Upgrade, or Removal

Request a software installation, upgrade, or removal on a campus computer or other university technology.

SSL Certificate

Users may request an SSL Certificate for applications or devices that require encryption. The domain will be restricted to or

Static IP or DHCP Reservation (Add or Remove)

OU users may request to have a static IP address added or removed by providing the location, computer name, and MAC address through this service request. DHCP reservations and Public IP addresses may also be requested.

Survey Development / SurveyMonkey

Academic Applications Solutions provides online survey development and support for MSU Faculty and Staff using an annual license of SurveyMonkey.


Team Drive Support

Use this service to request a new Google Team Drive share, add/remove users, or change user or group's permissions.

Turnitin Support

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service that integrates with Canvas. If you experience an issue when using Turnitin, please describe the occurrence when you request support.

Turnitin Training

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service that integrates with Canvas. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training.


Update Campus Office Location and Phone Number

Update the campus location and office phone number listed in the People Finder online directory.

Username Change

If you have changed your legal name and have updated your records with the university, or if your username is misspelled, you may request a username change.


Virtual Machine Support

Use this service to request support for an existing Virtual Desktop.

Voice Mail

Request voice mail service for an existing campus phone.

VoIP Phone Assistance or Repair

Use this request for any type of issues that prevent proper operation of a phone. (VOIP, Analog,Fax Line).

VoIP Phone Changes or New Service

Request a new VoIP phone service or any change to be made to a current VoIP phone service.


We're Listening!

If you need Information Systems support for a service that is not currently listed in our Service Catalog or Knowledge Base, or if you have other feedback to share, please use the feedback form provided here. If you need to report an Information Systems emergency, please contact the Service Desk at or 270-809-2346.


YuJa Support

YuJa is a tool that includes lecture capture and web conferencing elements. YuJa is available through Canvas.