Sync Canvas Calendar with Google Calendar

Canvas users can sync their calendar(s) in Canvas to their Google Calendar. After this has been done, any items added to the Canvas calendar will show up in Google. Keep in mind that this is a one-way sync: items cannot be added to the synced calendar from Google.

To sync Canvas to Google:

  • Login to Canvas
  • Click on "Calendar" in the left-side menu
  • Make sure the calendars you want to sync are active (the boxes to the left of those calendars are highlighted with a specific color)
  • Click "Calendar Feed"
  • Copy the entire URL in the box that appears
  • Open a new window and login to your Google Calendar account
  • Click the down arrow next to "Other calendars" in the left menu
  • Choose "Add by URL"
  • Paste the URL link from Canvas into the blank box. Do NOT check the box for making it publicly accessible
  • Click "Add Calendar"
Now, in your list of "Other calendars" you should see a calendar called "Canvas." Please remember you cannot add items to this calendar from Google, but only from Canvas. Assignments and other items added in Canvas will only show up if there is a due date attached. Items may take a up to an hour to sync back to Google.

More information on sycning your Canvas Calendar to other calendar applications can be found on Canvas's Community Site.


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