Listservs - Unsubscribe from an MSU Listserv

Most Murray State listservs will allow you to unsubscribe your email address so you no longer receive messages. Exceptions to this are listservs that are automatically populated by Murray State. Those include:

  • All-Users listserv
  • Residential College listservs
  • All-Faculty listserv
  • All-Staff listserv
  • All-Student listserv

To unsubscribe from a listserv

  1. Send an email to
  2. Leave the subject line blank
  3. Type a command in the message area, including these three pieces of information:
    1. unsubscribe listserv-name your-email-address (Ex: unsubscribe
  4. If your email has a signature, type QUIT on the next line, or remove the signature
  5. Send the email message




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