Racer Alerts FAQ (Mobile Emergency Alerts)

1. How do I sign-up for emergency alerts?

Faculty, Staff and Students are already signed up for Emergency Notification Text Alerts using the cellphone information provided in their myGate accounts. You can update your myGate information by following the myGate Information Change Instructions. Only students who have classes scheduled for the current semester will receive the Racer Alerts.

You may also add additional numbers, like family members or extra cell phones, by creating a MyConnect Portal account following the Murray State Internal MyConnect Portal Setup instructions.

Parents, family members, and Community Partners may sign up to receive emergency text messages. Just follow the instructions for creating a MyConnect Portal account by following the Murray State External MyConnect Portal Setup instructions

2. What kind of alerts are available?

MSU currently offers Emergency alerts only through the Racer Alert Emergency Notification System. Racer Alert uses Blackboard Connect’s MyConnect Portal. The Bursar's office also offers alerts for e-bills. Users may opt-in for those messages on the Money tab in myGate.

3. I wish to stop receiving messages.

If you wish to stop receiving Racer Alert emergency text messages, you can reply “STOP MSUPD” to any text you receive from Murray State Police. To opt out without having received a text, you must create a MyConnect Portal account following the Murray State Internal MyConnect Portal Setup instructions.

4. If I sign-up for emergency alerts, what kind of messages will I receive?

Emergency alert messages will only be sent in the event of a major emergency affecting the campus community. This would include severe weather warnings and threatening public safety concerns. Messages WILL NOT be sent for campus activities or other public announcements unless you indicate that you want to receive those messages.


  • If you are not receiving emergency text alerts, ensure that your cellphone number is correct in your myGate account by following myGate Information Change Instructions or by creating a MyConnect Portal account.
  • Check with your cell provider that your phone is enabled for text messaging from short codes as this is the method used to sign up. Most larger providers do support this feature.
  • Contact the Murray State Police Department at 270-809-2222 or by email at msu.raceralert@murraystate.edu.


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