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On May 12, 2018, Google removed the Google Drive application. This was the application users may have downloaded to their computers to sync their Google Drive storage to their local computers. More details about this change can be found on Google's Blog.

For Murray State University accounts, Google has provided two alternatives: Google Backup and Sync, and Google File Stream. Both options are available to our users, but please note that MSU does not provide support for either option at this time.

Google has provided a comparison chart for Google Backup and Sync & Google File Stream.

Google Backup and Sync: Google Backup and Sync works similarly to the way the Google Drive application works. It creates a copy of your files on your local computer so that you can work on them offline. Backup and Sync only needs an Internet connection when syncing files between Google Drive (in the cloud) and your local computer.
More information and instructions on Google Backup and Sync

Google File Stream: Google File Stream allows you to access and edit your Google Drive files without taking up space on your local computer. Google File Stream requires an Internet connection at all times to work. 
More information and instructions on Google File Stream

  • NOTE: Some File Stream users have noticed syncing issues when two or more users are accessing and updating a shared Office document simultaneously using File Stream. Changes are not always saved, or are overwritten.
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