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Procedures and Requests

Petty Cash funds consist of money kept on hand by departments to be used for minor operational expenditures, ex. For small supplies unavailable through Central Stores, freight charges on items delivered directly to a department, etc. Any budget department may request the establishment of a petty cash fund. It is the responsibility of each Department Chair, Dean or Director and fund custodian to be aware of and to comply with these policies and related procedures.

Petty Cash Fund Procedures (PDF)

Petty Cash Fund Request Form (PDF)



The Petty Cash Replenishment form (PDF) is completed by the person in charge of the specific fund. The 'fund custodian' completes the form on a monthly basis, if needed, to replenish their fund. 

Petty Cash Replenishment Form (PDF)


Request for Petty Cash

Expenditures under fifty dollars ($50.00) may be made from the petty cash fund. Each disbursement from petty cash funds must be supported by a vendor's receipt. (A receipt is an original copy on a pre-printed form of the vendor that establishes the amount, date and essential character of the expenditure). See University Petty Cash Fund Policies & Procedures for additional information.

Fill out the Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement Form. After completion of the form, the employee must sign the form, as well as the Financial/Account Manager and Director/Supervisor (if applicable). The employee requesting reimbursement must PERSONALLY bring the form to the Accounting and Financial Services office at 200 Sparks Hall and have the form approved and signed by an accountant and then Christy Frederick can reimburse the employee.

Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement Form (PDF)


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