Purchasing Card Application Instructions

All cards will be issued in the cardholder's name. Only the cardholder named on the front of the purchasing card may use the card.  Even though the card is issued in the cardholder's name, it is the property of Murray State University and is only to be used for official purchases as defined in the Procurement Services Purchasing Card procedures

Obtaining A Purchasing Card 

The following steps must be completed to obtain a new purchasing card:

  • Complete the Purchasing Card Application (PDF) form located on the right under Files. 
  • Your supervisor, who is responsible for the assigned budget account number referenced on the Purchasing Card Application, must approve the Application.
  • Forward the signed Purchasing Card Application to Accounting & Financial Services.
  • Once the cards are received from the issuing bank the cardholder will be notify when they are available to be picked up.  First time cardholders must receive the purchasing card in person at the required training session and sign a Purchasing Cardholder Agreement.
  • Purchasing Cards are available on restricted accounts with appropriate approval.
  • The Grants Accountant, in the Accounting & Financial Services Department, will approve all card applications using a grant or contract account number. Upon each renewal of the grant, you must notify Procurement Services to provide the new account number. The appropriate changes will be made to your card. If the grant is not renewed, you must cancel the purchasing card.


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