Process for Application Fee Payments that are Unsuccessful

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When the Bursar's Office contacts you to let you know a fee payment was not successful (due to insufficient funds, etc), they will give you the reference number for the application.  Use that number to search in the "Applications" section of Recruiter. Please follow these steps once you've found the application:

  • Change the "Application Fee" supplemental item back to "Not Received"
  • On the application, override the status back to "Started" and make a note at the bottom of the application. 

When the student logs back into their application, they will now be able to access the payment portion of the application again, then once payment has been made, the application will update back to "Submitted" status.

For fraudulent application fee charges, go through the full deactivation process for the application, then deactivate the Contact record as well.  Please make sure you make a note at the bottom of the application indicating a fraudulent charge was made.  Additionally, you can delete the External User ID for this student so they cannot log back into their inactive account.


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