Looking up a Student's Information

If a student has a Contact record in Recruiter, they are in our system to receive recruiting communications, potentially have an application, and more.

The Contact record is the hub of the student's information.  From here, you can see if the student has an application, what's missing from their application, track transcript information and test scores, and view events they have attended among other things.  If you're wanting to find information on a student, this is where your search should begin.

IMPORTANT: If a student has STARTED an application, the most up to date information may not be displayed on the student’s Contact record.  Once the application is SUBMITTED, the information will feed onto the Contact record, overwriting the information that was there from being manually entered in from an information or visit card, import, previous application etc.  The Primary Application’s information (once submitted) will always take precedence on the Contact record, that is why information MUST be edited on the application


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Mon 11/18/19 12:12 PM
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