ITV Class Scheduling (CARE)

In order to simplify the ITV course scheduling process, you will no longer schedule ITV courses through the Provost's Office, nor will you submit the separate paper-based Course Scheduling Form and Schedule Correction Form to CARE.  All ITV courses are added to the official MSU class schedule by submitting the new online forms (below) to CARE.

Note: Please do not include your ITV classes on the scheduling worksheet that you submit to the Provost's Office during scheduling time. 

Scheduling a new course - If you would like to add a new ITV course to the class schedule, please fill out this ITV Scheduling Form. Once you submit the form, Trevor Miller will assign a room number for the course and add it to the official class schedule.

Changing an existing course - Please fill out this ITV Correction Form to make a correction to ITV classes in the class schedule. 

Need assistance? If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Miller at 809-3666 or


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