Census Date - Why the 5th day of Fall/Spring is important

Murray State University considers the end of the drop/add period for the fall and spring semesters (the 5th day of the semester) the census date.

  • This date is used to determine a student's enrollment level (full time, half time, less than half time).
  • A student's enrollment level determines the portion of their grant(s) and KEES scholarship they are eligible to receive.
  • As per federal policy, even if a student adds courses after the census date, they will not gain additional grant/KEES eligibility.
  • However, if a student drops a course(s) after census that has not yet started (for example, a second half semester course), a student will lose eligibility.

It is very important for a student to schedule all the necessary classes during the first 5 days of the semester.

Per federal regulations, there can be no exceptions to this regulation even if the class was closed and the professor later allows more students in the class, the student had to finish the first half semester class before scheduling for the second half semester class, or for any other reason.

Please contact a financial aid counselor for any additional questions regarding this policy.


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Tue 11/19/19 10:05 AM