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View the Adjunct Hiring Packet on the right under Files. 

This quick guide includes the information that the academic chair or hiring supervisor will need to begin the adjunct employment process. The academic chair or hiring supervisor will need to have the adjunct employee complete the following forms, which are included in the Instructions for the Adjunct Employees packet:

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness and Staff Handbook Acknowledgement Form
  • Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form
  • Background Investigation Consent Form

All original forms need to be submitted to Human Resources prior to the first day of work. Failure to complete forms in a timely manner could result in a delay of employment and/or pay.

Returning adjunct employees with a break in service:

  • Background checks are not needed if the break in service is less than 12 months. If the break in service exceeds 12 months, a new background check must be completed prior to the first day of work.
  • All I9 forms are processed by Human Resources. New adjunct employees should contact Human Resources on or before their first day of work to complete the form. If the employee is returning to work after a break in service, please contact Human Resources to determine if a new I9 form needs to be completed.
  • The academic chair or hiring supervisor will need to complete the Network Resource Request Form and submit the form to Information Systems.

All new and returning adjunct employees who have not completed the mandatory Title IX Harassment Prevention Training will need to do so. Please visit the Support Site for instructions on how to access the training.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please call HR Employment Staff at 270.809.2146 or email



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