Reaffirmation Agreement

As Per the Department of Education (ED): 

A student who has inadvertently received more than the annual or aggregate loan limits is ineligible to receive any FSA funds until the over borrowing is resolved. The student can regain eligibility for aid by repaying the amount that exceeded the annual or aggregate loan limits, or by making satisfactory arrangements with the loan servicer to repay the excess amount. The loan servicer will allow a borrower to “reaffirm” that he or she will repay the excess according to the terms and timing of the original promissory note. (

If you have been notified by the Office of Financial Aid that you need to complete a reaffirmation letter because you fall into this type of situation, please print this form, complete the top section, and come into the financial aid office to meet with one of our counselors who will assist you through the rest of the process.

The Reaffirmation Agreement Form (PDF) is available on the right, under Files.


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Fri 11/22/19 8:47 AM