Link McGraw-Hill Campus/Connect to Your Canvas Course

Create link to MH Campus in your course:

  • Log into Canvas (
  • Access your course from the "Courses" menu item at the top
  • Click the "Modules" link on the left
  • If you haven't added a Module, click "Create a Module" on the right. Otherwise, you can click the Gear icon on the right in a module, and select "Add Content"
  • After clicking "Add Content"
  • Select "External Tool" from the add drop down list
  • Click the "MH Campus" tool
  • Click the "Load this tool in a new tab" checkbox
  • Click "Add Item" button

Sync your Canvas course to your MH Connect course:

  • Click on the "MH Campus" link in the module
  • You may need to then click "Load MH Campus in a new window"
  • You may be asked to accept MH Campus' Terms of Service the first time before proceeding.
  • In the "Find Your Textbook" box, enter in the request information and click "Find Now"
  • Choose "Select" below the appropriate textbook.
  • Click "Connect"
  • In the upper right corner of the next screen, click "I want this for my students"
  • Click "Adopt Connect"
  • Click "A section in an existing Connect course"
  • Choose the name of your course, then click "Save"
  • The next screen should show you that your courses have been paired. You can now click "return to McGraw-Hill Campus"


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