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Move Distribution Lists from Outlook to RacerMail

Users who try to import their Outlook contacts into RacerMail with a .csv file may notice that distribution lists do not import

The best solution to move your distribution lsits from Outlook to RacerMail is below. Keep in mind that RacerMail calls these Contact Groups instead of Distribution Lists.

  1. In Outlook, open your distribution list, and choose File, then Save As.
  2. Save your file as a Text Only (*.txt) file.
  3. Open the .txt file in Excel.
  4. Delete all the rows above the list of members.
  5. Add a blank row above the list, and create titles for each column (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.)
  6. Save your file as a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file.
  7. In RacerMail , click on Contacts, then Import.
  8. Browse to your .csv file, and click the box that says "Also add these imported contacts to: "New Group..."
  9. Click Import. You will then be prompted to set a Group Name.
  10. If RacerMail finds that the contacts already exist as individual contacts, it will merge them instead of creating duplicates.


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Wed 1/18/17 11:54 AM