VoiceMail and Greetings on your VoIP Phone

The Cisco VoIP phones utilize the Cisco Unity Voicemail system. 

Voicemail Password/PIN

The default password or pin for all new accounts on the Murray State voicemail system is MSU1 or (6781). During the first login on a new account, you will be taken through an automated setup process where you will be prompted to record a greeting or name and reset your password. Once you complete the setup you will not hear it again

For forgotten voicemail passwords, use the "Voice Mail Support" service request to get that reset. 

Access VoiceMail

To access your voicemail from your desk phone, press the Message button or pick up the handset and press the Message button. Enter your pin number (password) then #.

NOTE: If you choose to press the messages button without picking up the handset on a phone with multiple lines, you must make sure the correct directory number is selected first. It is possible the phone will default to another line with voice mail waiting.

To access your voicemail from another VoIP phone on any MSU campus:

  1. Press the Messages button on the phone
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your 4-digit extension followed by #
  4. Enter your voicemail pin number followed by #

To access your voicemail from a phone outside the MSU network:

  1. Dial 270-809-1500
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your 4-digit extension followed by #
  4. Enter your voicemail pin number followed by #

Managing Messages

After entering your password, you have the following options:
 - Press 1 to hear new messages.
 - Press 2 to send a message.
 - Press 3 to review old messages, and then press 1 to hear saved messages or 2 for deleted messages. 

 - Press 1 to Restart message
 - Press 2 to Save message
 - Press 3 to Delete message
 - Press 4 to Slow Playback
 - Press 6 to Fast Playback
 - Press 7 to Rewind (5 seconds)
 - Press 8 to Pause
 - Press 9 to Fast Forward (5 seconds)
 - Press # to go to End of Message

 - Press 1 to Repeat message
 - Press 2 to Save message
 - Press 3 to Delete message
 - Press 4 to Reply to sender
 - Press 5 to Forward Message


 - Access voicemail. Press 4 3 1. Enter your new pin and press #.
 - Re-enter your new pin and press # to confirm.

Access voicemail. Press 4, 3, 2. At the tone, record your name or press * to keep current recording. When finished, press #.

Greeting Types

Cisco Unity Connection allows you to record up to six personal greetings. You can enable as many greetings as you want. The six personal greetings and how they work are described below. Note that Unity plays the greetings that you enable for the applicable situation, while some greetings override other greetings when they are enabled.

Alternate Greeting
Enable the alternate greeting to play when you want to indicate special circumstances, such as when you are on vacation. When it is enabled, the alternate greeting overrides all other greetings.

Example: “I will be out of the office until <date>.”

Busy Greeting
Enable the busy greeting to indicate when you are on the phone. When it is enabled, the busy greeting overrides the standard, closed, and internal greetings when your phone is busy.

Example: “I am currently on another line, please leave a message.”

Example: "You have reached the office of [name] at [Department Name].While I am in the office, I am currently on another call. Please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as possible."

Internal Greeting
Enable the internal greeting to provide information that coworkers need to know. When it is enabled, the internal greeting overrides the standard and offhours greetings, and plays only to callers within your organization when you do not answer your phone.

Example: “I will be in conference room B until noon today.”

Closed Greeting
Enable the closed greeting if you want to play a special greeting during non business hours (4:30pm. – 8:00am). When it is enabled, the closed greeting overrides the standard greeting during non business hours.

Example: “Sorry, I am not available to answer your call. University office hours are <times>.”

Standard Greeting
The standard greeting plays during the business hours that Murray State University is open (8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday–Friday) or in other situations  when no other greeting is enabled. By design, the standard greeting cannot be disabled.

Example: "You have reached the office of [name] at [Department Name]. I am unavailable to take your call at this time. Please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you for calling and have a great day."

Holiday Greeting
Enable the holiday greeting if you want to play a special greeting during a holiday. Using one holiday greeting covering all scheduled holidays may be best practice. When it is enabled, the holiday greeting overrides the standard greeting and will activate each time there is scheduled holiday.

Example: “Murray State University is currently closed for a scheduled holiday. All offices will reopen on [date] at [time]."

Access voice mail. Press 4 1. After you listen to your current greeting, select one of the following:
Press 1 to hear and re-record greeting
Press 2 to enable or disable alternate greeting
Press 3 to record or edit a different greeting
Press 4 to hear all your greetings
Press 0 for Help
Press * to Exit


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