MeetMe Teleconferencing Instructions

MeetMe phone numbers can be used by university employees for conferencing with both on and off-campus participants. Here are some important facts about using a MeetMe number.

**Departments must request a MeetMe number in advance of the conference call. Please fill out this service request to get a MeetMe number.

**A maximum of 8 participants may call into the MeetMe number.

**MeetMe calls must be initiated from a campus VoIP (Cisco) phone.

Getting started

  1. Using a campus VoIP (Cisco) phone, lift the handset or press the speaker button to get a dial tone.
  2. Press the More softkey until the MeetMe key is visible.
  3. Press the MeetMe softkey.
  4. Following two beeps, enter your MeetMe 4-digit phone number.
  5. The phone is now connected to the conference and To Conference should appear on the phone screen.
  6. Now that the conference is active, other participants (up to 8 including the initiator) can join.

Instructions for participants

  1. Once the conference has been initiated, on-campus participants should dial the 4-digit MeetMe number (XXXX) to join.
  2. Off-campus callers 270-809-XXXX to join.
  3. When a new caller joins, a single beep will be heard by all participants.
  4. If callers get disconnected, they do have the ability to re-join.

**As participants leave the conference, two beeps will be heard by everyone. The call stays active until the last person hangs up. The initiator can leave the call and it will remain active as long as others are connected.


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