Google Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts Help

RacerMail includes a suite of tools from Google Apps for Education. Among these include Calendar, Drive (Spreadsheets, Documents, etc), and Hangouts (chat/conferencing feature). The following support sites from Google can help you get started with these tools.

Google Calendar Help Center - You can use Google Calendar on a computer, phone, or tablet. Any events you create or edit will sync automatically among all versions of Google Calendar where you're signed in.

Google Drive Help Center - Google Drive allows you to store your files securely and access them from any device. You can also open and edit your files from any device. Editable files use the Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, Slides, and Drawings. You can share documents with others and collaborate in real-time. Learn about Google Backup and Sync and Google File Stream.

Hangouts Help Center - You can use Hangouts to send messages, make voice and video calls, and share photos. Hangouts are synced automatically across devices, so you can start a Hangout on your computer and continue or another device, like your phone.


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