Akindi - Getting Started

Akindi is the web-based system for grading of quizzes and exams that are recorded on scannable “bubble sheets.” Akindi was adopted by MSU on July 1, 2015 to replace the Scantron scanner/software that was previously located in the Science Resource Center in Blackburn Science Building. A number of MSU faculty did a pilot of the Akindi system in 2014 and the feedback was very positive. Akindi provides a cost savings over Scantron, the convenience of scanning in your office or department, and a quick return of results. 

Accessing Akindi:

Course instructors can access Akindi within their Canvas courses by clicking on the “Launch Akindi” button in their left-side course menu. This button is NOT visible to students, only instructors. For each course you intend to use Akindi with, you will need to use the "Launch Akindi" button from those courses. This will sync that course with Akindi.

Courses & Rosters:

A course is automatically created in Akindi when the instructor clicks the “Launch Akindi” button from that Canvas course. This will need to be done within each course an instructor wishes to use Akindi for. In addition, each time the “Launch Akindi” button is clicked, the course roster is automatically synced from Canvas to Akindi, providing an updated roster in the events of adds/drops.


Bubble sheets are generated by creating an assessment in Akindi. To create an assessment:

  1. Click Create Assessment
  2. Choose the Course Name from the drop-down menu or create a new course
  3. Type in Assessment Name (This does not have to match what you want to show in Canvas, but it may make it easier for the instructor to distinguish between assessments in Canvas).
  4. Click Continue
  5. Select your layout. Standard layouts have 100 questions, and short layouts have 50 questions. 
  6. Select Student Info and Header Info options. If your roster has already been syned from Canvas, you can have Akindi automatically fill in student information into each sheet.
  7. Select Order sheets by option
  8. Make any necessary changes, then click Continue.
  9. The next page will let you download the blank answer key sheet and all student sheets as a PDF.

Uploading Answer Sheets to Akindi:

After filling out the answer key using Akindi's instructions, scan all completed bubble sheets and answer key to PDF. Upload this PDF to Akindi from the Dashboard page using the "Upload Sheets" button. 

Click "Browse..." to locate your PDF. 

NOTE: Checkbox: “Force all response in this PDF to be added to this assessment.” This option will force all uploaded sheets to be linked to this particular assessment, regardless of whether or not the sheets were originally intended for another assessment or not.


Once the bubble sheets have been scanned and uploaded back into Akindi, the instructor can make grade or question/answer adjustments as needed. The instructor may then choose to upload these grades back into Canvas using the “Send Grades to Canvas” button from the Responses page. These grades can multiple times should the instructor need to adjust grades at a later time.

Instructors may sync the grades to an existing assessment in Canvas, or create an assessment from the "Send grades to Canvas" pop-up menu.

Training & Information:

Faculty may request training using the Request Akindi Training service request, or request support using the Akind Support service request.


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