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NOTE: All commands must be sent to the email address:


NOTE: When sending an email with commands, you must remove all hyperlinks, or send the email as plain text. Any embedded HTML in the command line will cause your command to be rejected. See our instructions for sending email as plain text.


How to add/delete someone from a listserv if you are an owner of a listserv: 
Example: Send email to
**leave subject line blank** 

ADD mylistservname
ADD mylistservname
DEL mylistservname


NOTE: With these commands, each person that you added/deleted would get an email informing them they had been added/deleted from the listserv.


To add/delete people without an email being sent to the user

QUIET ADD mylistservname
QUIET ADD mylistservname
QUIET DEL mylistservname


NOTE: When sending an email to a list, the owner does not receive a copy of the email unless you BCC yourself.


You can put multiple commands in a message. These commands must appear in the message body and each line must contain only one command.

Available commands are:

* This help file

REView <list> 
* Displays the subscribers to <list> 

* Displays which lists you are subscribed to

SUBscribe <list> 
* To subscribe to <list>. 
Example: SUBscribe

UNSubscribe <list> 
* To quit <list>. 
Example: UNSubscribe

* This command is used for silent (mute) processing: no performance report is returned for commands prefixed with QUIET.
* For example, QUIET subscribe

* Indicates the end of the commands (to ignore a signature)


The following commands are available only for lists owners or moderators:

ADD <list> user@host Full name
* To add a user to a list. You can avoid user notification by using the
QUIET prefix (i.e. QUIET ADD).

DEL <list> user@host
* To delete a user from a list. You can avoid user notification by using the
QUIET prefix (i.e. QUIET DEL).


To add or remove administrators from your listserv, please use our "Create or Update a Listserv" service request.

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