Listserv (Mailing List) Support

Mailing lists (listservs) are used to send email messages to a group of subscribed members. Listservs provide masking so that the subscribers don't know who else is on the listserv..

New Listservs
If you are requesting a new listserv, you may also provide a list of email addresses to be added as subscribers. After the initial load, you can use the Listserv Commands to add or remove subscribers as needed. Be sure to also include a list of email addresses and names to be used as moderators for the list.

Existing Listservs
You can request moderator changes to the listserv by using this service request. Any changes to subscribers can be made by using the Listserv Commands.

Available To:

  • MSU Faculty and Staff may request mailing lists.
  • Student organizations should have the request originated by their adviser.

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