Google's 2-Step Verification

What is 2-Step Verification?

Google’s 2-Step Verification (sometimes called Two-Factor Authentication) is a process of signing into your Gmail/RacerMail account that provides stronger security, thusly protecting your accounts and information. The process involves entering your password to sign in, as you normally do, but then Google also sends you an additional approval method of your choice which then allows you to finish the sign in process.

Therefore, as Google puts it, your sign in process now involves your password (something you know) and something you have (your mobile device, for example).

Learn more in the “How does it work?” section below.

Why do I need it?

Nowadays it is easier than ever for someone to steal your password and gain access to your confidential and personal information. For example, these common actions greatly increase your risk at having a compromised password:

  • Using the same password on more than one site
  • Downloading software from the Internet
  • Clicking on links in email messages

But Google’s 2-Step Verification helps you keep out the criminals even if they have your password.

How does it work?

Google has provided several methods for tw-step verification:

After enabling 2SV your sign in process for Gmail/RacerMail will work a bit differently. You will visit RacerMail and enter your password as you do now. Once you enter your password you will be asked to verify your identity via your mobile device. Depending on how you set up the verification process, you will either have to enter a code that Google sends to your mobile device or you will have to accept a prompt on your mobile device.

During the sign in process you can choose to not use 2SV again on that specific computer by selecting the "Don't ask again on this computer" checkbox. From that point on, that specific computer will only ask you for your password when you sign in (like normal) for 30 days. This means that every 30 days you will be sent a code/prompt to reauthorize the computer.

NOTE: You will also have to re-authorize your computer if you delete your browser’s cache or cookie files.

If you decide to authorize/trust your computer you are still protected by 2SV. If you or anyone else tries to sign in on your account from another computer then the 2SV is required again. Therefore, if a bad guy tries to login to your account from their computer the 2SV process will send a notification to your device and you will know that someone tried to login to your account.

What if I use Outlook or a mobile device to check my email?

Only check your email with applications like Outlook, or on your iOS or Android or Windows mobile device? No problem! Google will let you set app-specific passwords so you won’t be prompted for a code in the future.

How do I enable 2SV & where can I learn more?

To set up 2-Step Verification, start at

Learn more about 2-Step Verification Features

If you have any other questions please call the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or email us at 

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