Adding Zoom to your Course Navigation Menu

Faculty can add the Zoom menu option to any of their classes in Canvas for scheduling and managing Zoom meetings associated with a course by following the steps outlined below:

1. In Canvas, access the class you want to use Zoom in.

2. In the left-side course navigation menu, click on "Settings" and then click on the "Navigation" tab at the top.


3. Locate "Zoom" in the second list of available applications, click and drag it into the top list where you want it to appear in the menu.

4. Click on the blue "Save" button at the bottom.


5.  Click on "Home" and check that "Zoom" shows in the left-side course navigation menu.


Using Zoom

When you are ready to schedule a Zoom meeting in your course, click on the Zoom link in the left-side navigation menu, and then click on "Schedule a New Meeting."

Choose the appropriate settings and click on "Save."

This will send an invitation to everyone in the course without you having to invite them or add them to the meeting. External guests can be invited as well.

The first time a faculty member schedules and starts a Zoom meeting in Canvas, Zoom will automatically create a pro Zoom account for that faulty member. If you have an existing basic account it will automatically upgrade your account to a Licensed account.

This process can be used to make Zoom available in any class.

Getting Started and Support

Getting Started on Windows or Mac with Zoom:

For help with all things Zoom, please see Zoom's video tutorials at

For additional assistance or questions not answered in our Getting Started with Zoom article, please use our Zoom Support service request.



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