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Bypassing the Zoom Waiting Room for MSU Users

This tutorial is for faculty to pass on to their students to ensure that they aren't placed in a waiting room if the faculty is using the default setting.

Joining a Zoom Meeting by Phone

Joining a Zoom meeting by phone is easy and relatively straightforward and can be done after joining the meeting.

Managing Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Information on the various features to manage participants in a Zoom meeting.

Scheduling and Recording Meetings in Zoom for Students

How to schedule and create recordings of meetings in Zoom.

Students: Connecting to a Zoom Meeting in a Canvas Course

This article outlines the steps required to join a Zoom meeting in a Canvas Course.

Using Zoom Recordings in a Canvas Course

This tutorial will explain how to record and download Zoom recordings and upload them to your Canvas Course to be used in online instruction.

Using Zoom's Waiting Room Feature

Information on how to use Zoom's Waiting Room Feature