Zoom SSO and Profile Settings

When you want to use Zoom for a meeting outside of a Murray State Canvas course you should use the SSO.  The URL for this is: https://murraystate.zoom.us

  • Join allows you to join a meeting in progress. You can join using the meeting ID or a personal Link Name (defined below)
  • Host allows you to start a meeting and invite participants from the menu bar within the meeting
  • Sign in allows you to enter your Zoom account with your Murray State email username and password, and schedule meetings and manage your Zoom account.

Managing your Zoom account

  • Profile allows you to access and edit your zoom information and settings
    • Personal meeting ID: this can be used as a permanent link to your personal Zoom meeting space and can be sent to people via email, or added to a page in Canvas, etc. to allow people to join your meeting.  You can also use the url listed here as a quick link into the meeting space
    • The personal link is a way of making your link above more easily remembered by participants.  The common part of this url is based on the SSO: https://murraystate.zoom.us/my/

We recommend customizing the personal link to:

  • https://murraystate.zoom.us/my/msu email.office extension [not your personal email or cell!]. This is easier to remember and includes contact info for the student if something goes wrong.
  • example: https://murraystate.zoom.us/my/teacher5.1234


  • Meetings allows you to join a meeting, host a meeting, or schedule a meeting from the SSO
  • Webinars explains webinars, but we don’t have that function in our account. Our account allows meetings of up to 300 participants, and can be updated upon request to allow up to 500 participants.
  • Recordings allows you to access your stored recordings on the cloud

Settings allows you to customize your default settings. The default settings are a mirror of the administrative defaults, but most can be changed here by the user in their account. In some cases these cannot be changed, as there are a few options that are locked administratively.


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