Travel Procedures, Requests, and Vouchers

When an employee or group needs to travel, a Travel Request form is completed. The estimated cost of the trip is calculated here. This form will need to be completed for any trip outside of the state of Kentucky. 

There are some procedures that must be followed when traveling for the University. Before traveling, procedures must review our Travel Procedures, which are accessible below.

There are two types of travel requests:

1 - Travel Request - an individual uses this form to request an advance of funds for the trip. An estimated cost is calculated on the Travel Request Form and then if approved, the money is given to the traveler.

2 - Group Travel Request - if a group (three or more students and a faculty member) is going to travel together, then the Group Travel Request is completed. This form calculates an estimate for the entire group to travel on the trip. After the request is approved, the advance of the estimated amount is given to the group's coordinator/faculty member. 

After travel, whether individual or group, the Travel Voucher form (PDF) is completed. Here the total amount of the trip is calculated and then any extra money is returned to the University or issued to the traveler.


Contact 270-809-4678 with any questions regarding the Travel Procedures, Travel Request form or Travel Voucher.

For best results, clear your cache (Ctrl + Shift + Del) before opening any of these forms.  You may need to make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader installed. 


The following files are located ot the right under Files:

Travel Procedures (PDF) - Rev 6/2018

Travel Request Form (PDF) - Rev 6/2018

Group Travel Request Form (PDF) - Rev 6/2018

Travel Voucher Form (PDF) - Rev 7/2018

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