Reporting "No Leave Taken" - FAQ

There have been continuing questions regarding faculty leave reporting through the myGate system.  To clarify the process, the following are responses to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do I have to submit my own leave reports even if I do not take leave for a reporting period?

Yes, the deadline for reporting leave time or no leave taken for October is by 9:00 a.m. on November 5, 2009.  All exempt (non-hourly) employees have recorded leave time taken in myGate.  The change made beginning in August was to also report zero leave time taken if no leave was taken during the month.  Since many questions arose, the implementation deadline was adjusted to reflect that all exempt employees must report their own zero leave time taken via myGate beginning with the October 09 reporting period which is due in early November.  While employees with no leave to report were encouraged to report no leave taken for the month of September, reporting of no leave time taken will be required for the month of October.

What exactly do faculty have to report?

While faculty leave may have been reported in the past by proxy, with the myGate implementation, faculty now control their own sick and other leave reporting using the conventions applicable in their department.  Faculty will report their own sick leave and, if applicable, vacation leave via myGate whether or not any leave has been taken for the month.

For faculty reporting purposes, what "counts" as sick leave?

The new myGate reporting practice has not changed what "counts" as sick time - it only affects how it is reported.  The Provost's office is working with Faculty Senate and others to develop guidelines to help clarify what should be considered sick leave for faculty.  All employees can see the definition of sick leave in the MSU Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy Number IV C.

How do I get help?

Training has been offered for all users on each aspect of myGate with additional training being scheduled.  The myGate support site contains step-by-step instructions and videos for using many facets of myGate.  Links to this site are on the myGate login page and inside myGate on the Support icon which is at the top of every myGate page. Additional support venues will be forthcoming.


While these questions seem to be the norm, there may be others.  Please feel free to contact the Human Resources Office 270-809-2146 for other questions that have not been addressed here.


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