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Benefit Calculation Chart

Article contains the chart for calculating benefits for the fiscal year.

Direct Deposit Instructions - Employees and Students

Article contains instructions for setting up direct deposit in myGate for both Employees and Students.

Holiday Compensatory Time - Time Reporting

Article contains instructions on reporting Holiday Compensatory time.

IRS Withholding Calculator

Article contains IRS withholding calculator for performing a quick "payroll checkup."

K-4 Kentucky Income Tax Deduction Form

Article contains the link for completing a K-4 Kentucky Department of Revenue Withholding Exemption Certificate.

Local Occupational Tax Form

Article contains link to complete a Local Occupational Tax Form.

Local Tax Information

Article contains a letter to Faculty, Staff and Students regarding the City of Murray Occupational Tax.

myGate IRS Tax Form W-4 Instructions

Article contains instructions for MyGate IRS Tax Form W-4.

Payroll Labor Redistribution Form

Article contains the Payroll Labor Redistribution Form, which is used to transfer university and/or grant salary expenses that have been paid to a different FOAPAL.

Payroll Proxy for Time/Leave Reporting Form

Article contains Payroll Proxy for Time/Leave Reporting Form, used to assign a proxy for approving time cards and leave reports.

Position Number Definitions

Article contains information pertaining to Position Numbers.

Stop Payment Form

This article contains the form to complete to stop payment on a Payroll or Accounts Payable check.

Taxable Payments or Reimbursements to Employees

Article contains the "Fringe Benefit" Form

Tuition Waiver Tax Procedures

Article contains Tuition Waiver Tax procedures.

W-2 Documents

Article contains instructions on giving consent to electronic W-2 forms, as well as printing instructions.